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A Sudden Burst of Creative Energy
Space Punk
Last night I was hit with a sudden burst of creative energy and I spent a couple hours typing up notes for the science fiction novels that I've had percolating in my head for quite sometime. Some of the material actually dates back to the 70's when I was a child. At night when I couldn't sleep I used to pretend that I was the creative genius behind "Laser Wars", a long running serial television show which was completely plagarized from Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and Star Trek. Mostly Galactica honestly. Over the years I kind of honed the childish ideas into something more cohesive, and I've finally committed the backstory and the basic plots for three novels to paper. Well, to a file anyway. From here I'm going to outline the first book and get started writing soon.

The other day I was chatting with a female friend of mine who shall remain nameless, but she reads the blog so she'll know who I'm talking about, but you won't. Anyway, she's had an especially rough couple of months lately, and I knew she was feeling down in the dumps. During the conversation I let it slip that I still have a crush on her, which is actually 100% true, and I hope I didn't make her feel uncomfortable, because 1) I will NEVER EVER act on it, because I am happily married and 2) I know for a fact that she wouldn't want to get involved with a guy who already has kids, and I respect that completely, and 3) did I mention that I'm happily married? Anyway, the statement was made more for her benefit than mine, I wanted her to feel better about herself and with my total lack of subtlety I let her know my feelings. So I hope this explains a bit more to her, since again I don't want her to feel uncomfortable with me, because I do love her to pieces as a friend as well, and I know she needs some supportive friends right about now.

I actually have a couple of women friends who I'm completely and utterly attracted to in a crush kind of manner, but I do love my wife so much that I couldn't fathom cheating on her. OK, that's not entirely accurate, I fathom it all the time, it seeps into my dream state, but then again I also dream that my father is still alive amongst other strangeness.

On other fronts, Mom is taking Kaylee for Friday night/Saturday morning, so Melissa and I have a free Friday with nothing planned! I looked at the comedy calendar over at LA Weekly, but the only thing that looked interesting was Maria Bamford at the Improv, and I'm not even sure Mel likes Maria Bamford. I really enjoy her comedy though, so who knows. I am also considering the Angels/Mariners game, or we could go to Disneyland again too. There aren't any movies out right now that I'm anxious to spent a ton of money on, so I'm looking for alternatives. Doesn't look like there's anything interesting in the music front either, but then again we haven't been to a music club in so long, it would feel odd as well. So I'm searching.

It is though, time to put the child down for a nap, so with that I bid adieu.


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