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Life, don't talk to me about life
Space Punk
I don't post here very often anymore, I use my Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/william.noetling) to do MOST of my communicating to friends these days.

However, some days I really feel the need to get shit off my chest in a longer format than Facebook really allows, so here goes:

I am REALLY not having a good time right now. Some days I'm so depressed that it takes an awful lot to get out of bed, fortunately I have people who rely on me to take care of them, so I soldier on, but this year has not been kind.

My unemployment insurance finally ran out a couple of months ago, we've spent some time in Marriage counseling, I'm still staying at home caring for Kaylee all day, which while is getting more fun because she's getting older, is very limiting as to what I can and can't do during the day. She's also nowhere NEAR potty trained, which brings me to another quandry, she's going to be ready for Pre-School this fall, and not being ready for the toilet is a big drag.

Bah, this is just another whiney post complaining about nothing really. I have a good life, I have a loving family, a roof over my head, food in the pantry and a car to go where I need to. SO why do I feel so awful?

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We all have to go through those times in our lives, if everything was always hunky dory, then we wouldn't know because we wouldn't have anything to compare it to.

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