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WildWill's Journaal of Epherema

Life in the Big City and being a New Parent

16 January 1971
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Date Created:10/5/2000
Number of Posts: 107

WildWill *aka Wmnoe* is a professional couch indenter who resides in a nebulous area known as "Beverly Hills Adjacent." He's thirty-five years old, married and has a baby girl on the way. Sometimes when he's lucky he gets paid to write.
Strengths: "Flying fingers of doom", ability to remember even the most arcane triva - without the worry of being a viable contestant on Jeopardy, can cook a mean egg or three.
Weaknesses: Fat. I'm fat. And my self-esteem was crushed by women for the first 30 years of my life.
Special Skills: Pleasing my wife. Being able to have my driver license suspended.
Weapons: A wit sharper than a really sharp thingy
Things I collect: Trading cards and trading card games, DVDs, Comic Books, Action Figures, Lego, Pirates paraphenalia, Unused pieces of electronics

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